6th Workshop on ┬╗Modeling and Monitoring of Computer Assisted Interventions (M2CAI)┬ź

Munich, 9th October 2015
In conjunction with MICCAI 2015

After the successful workshops on "Modeling and Monitoring of Computer Assisted Interventions (M2CAI)" in London 2009, Toronto 2011, Nice 2012, Nagoya 2013, and Boston 2014, the fifth M2CAI workshop aims to boost this well-established forum for discussing advanced methods for acquisition, analysis, modeling, and monitoring of surgical/ interventional processes. Although the surgical process is a complex assembly of surgical knowledge and skill, models for interventional care are essential to improving the effectiveness of training and execution of surgical procedures, standardization of surgery and intervention, and optimization of operating room management. Integration of all information concerning anatomy of patient, diagnostic information, operational status of medical devices, and action of surgical staff is necessary for future context-aware operating room, and cutting-edge sensor system, information processing algorithm, statistical model, and so on should be adopted for detailed analysis of the surgical workflow. This workshop will establish a new generation of context-aware Computer Assisted Intervention (CAI) systems.

The workshop will gather clinicians, researchers and medical companies to discuss issues and solutions on the acquisition, analysis, modeling, and monitoring of computer assisted interventions. A wide variety of elemental technologies, integration, and implementation are essential for context-aware Operating Room of the Future.

The topics to be covered by the workshop include:

  • Visual perception and attention
  • Context-aware operating rooms
  • Modeling/Representation of surgical procedures
  • Modeling for surgical simulation, training, and assessment
  • Modeling for surgical workflow evaluation and optimization
  • Recognition of surgical steps / actions / events
  • Semantic analysis of surgical interventions
  • Surgical sensor networks
  • Surgical skills assessment
  • Surgical data mining
  • Automatic surgery documentation

Many of these topics have already been addressed at MICCAI in previous years.