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Christian Meißner

Semmelweisstr. 14
04103 Leipzig

Tel: +49(0)341/97-12004
Fax: +49(0)341/97-12009

Background & Position

Christian Meißner studied Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (Automation Systems) in Leipzig until 2006. After he received it’s Diploma he continued with studying Mechatronics until 2009 and finally graduated as Master of Science. He worked in the fields of software engineering, robotics, process automation and computer vision at the University of Applied Sciences Leipzig, Universität Leipzig, Fraunhofer IWU Dresden and BMW Group Research and Innovation Center Munich. Since 2008 he is working as research associate at ICCAS in the fields of Surgical Workflow Acquisition and Knowledge Management.

Research Areas

  • Computer Assisted Surgery
  • Surgical Workflow
  • Digital Operating Room



Meißner C, Meixensberger J, Pretschner A, Neumuth T

Sensor-based surgical activity recognition in unconstrained environments. (Artikel)

Minim Invasive Ther Allied Technol, 2014.

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Meißner C, Neumuth T

Hierarchical approach for low-level surgical activity recognition (Konferenzbeitrag)

16th International Workshop on Systems and Architectures for Computer Assisted Interventions (SACAI) MICCAI; 2013; Japan., 2013.


Meißner C, Neumuth T

RFID-based surgical instrument detection using Hidden Markov models (Artikel)

Biomed Tech, 2013.

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Neumuth T, Meißner C

Online recognition of surgical instruments by information fusion (Artikel)

International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery, 2012.

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Eisenhut C, Schneider S, Meißner C, Pretschner A, Neumuth T

Erkennung von Operationsverläufen mit Hilfe von Sensornetzwerken. (Konferenzbeitrag)

Tagungsband Embedded goes Medical, 2009.


Meißner C, Thiem S, Pretschner A, Neumuth T

RFID-basierte Instrumentenerkennung zur automatischen Verfolgung von chirurgischen Arbeitsprozessen (Konferenzbeitrag)

8th Leipzig Research Festival for Life Sciences 2009, 2009.


Meißner C

Ontologiebasierte Integration vernetzter Messsysteme für den chirurgischen Workflow (Abschlussarbeit)



Meißner C, Pretschner A, Neumuth T

Medizintechnische Anwendung industrieller Kommunikationskonzepte - OPC UA als Mittel zur Informationskonvergenz. (Konferenzbeitrag)

Tagungsband Embedded goes Medical, 2009.