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Karin Weiße

Center Management

Semmelweisstr. 14
04103 Leipzig

Tel: +49(0)341/97-12000
Fax: +49(0)341/97-12009

Background & Position

After graduating from the University of Leipzig as a translator, she began working in different international settings doing PR, international cooperation, event organization, relocation and cross cultural training of international managers. Since 2001 Karin Weiße has been assisting professors and offering support to international scientists at an international graduate school of the University of Leipzig. She was responsible for organizing international exchange programs. In 2005 she started her position as Project Manager at ICCAS.

Areas of work

  • project-coordination between different research groups, board, university departments and funding organisations
  • international cooperation
  • PRcontact for press and media
  • managing administrative support for Iccas scientists