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headline-markerBernhard Glaser

Alumnus (2011 - 2016) and guest researcher Model-based Automation and Integration


Background and Position

Bernhard Glaser studied Computer Science at the University of Karlsruhe (KIT) and graduated in 2007. After three years as a freelancing software developer and project manager in the medical billing and hygiene software sector, he joined how to organize GmbH in Berlin, a subsidiary of the internationally active medical technology manufacturer Karl Storz, where he worked as a project and product manager.

In 2011 he joined ICCAS as a research fellow in the research group ‘Model Based Automation and Integration’. In 2015 he also joined the research group ‘OR.net – Secure and dynamic interconnectivity in operating room and clinic’.

He is also the maintainer of an open source implementation of Hart and Staveland’s NASA Task Load Index (NASATLX) on GitHub.

Research Areas

Automated identification of surgical instruments
Usage of Eye-Tracking technologies for the operating room, especially sterile interaction
Training systems for surgical scrub nurses
Analysis and improvement of communication and standardization in the operating room
Automated documentation of surgical processes
Requirements engineering, (agile) project management and quality management for medical software
Special interfaces in the medical sector (HL7, xDT, VDDS …)
Process management approaches for clinics, both inside and outside of the operating room