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headline-markerPriya Giri

Multimodal Intraoperative Imaging – Phd researcher


+49 341 97-12007

Background and Position

• Woman Scientist Award (WOS-B), 2006, Department of Science and Technology
India Govt, India.
• Research Start-Up Awards (RSAs), 2009, Translational Centre for Regenerative
Medicine (TRM) Leipzig, Germany



Working Experiences

        • 11/2018-Present:
          Pursuing PhD, Medical Faculty, Uni Leipzig, Germany. Topic ‘‘Generation of a human tissue atlas based on hyperspectral imaging”
        • 04/2016 – Present
          Freelance Editor . NAI Co. Japan.
        • 10/16- 05/17
          Scientific Staff, Bionethos Innovation GmbH, Parthenstein, Leipzig. Germany
          Work: Website maintenance, content writing, documentation.
        • 01/16- 04/16
          Research Scientist, Innovation Centre for Computer-assisted surgery (ICCAS), UniLeipzig. Germany
          Work: Quantification & Image processing (Clinical data)
        • 7/15- 12/15
          Research Scientist, Innovation Centre for Computer-assisted surgery (ICCAS), Uni
          Leipzig. Germany
          Work: Quantification & Image processing (Clinical data)
        • 3/11-12/14
          Research Scientist, Centre for Biotechnology and Biomedicine (BBZ), Universität
          Leipzig, Germany .
          Work: Quantification & Image processing (Clinical data)
        • 1/10-12/10
          Research Scientist, Transnational Centre for Regenerative Medicine (TRM) Universität
          Leipzig, Germany .
          Work: Mathematical Modelling (Clinical data)
        • 1/08-12/09
          Research Scientist, Faculty of Mathematics, IWR, TU Dresden, Germany .
          Work: Mathematical Modelling
        • 11/07-12/07 
          Research Assistant, Faculty of Mathematics, IWR, TU Dresden, Germany .
          Work: Mathematical Modelling.
        • 09/06-09/07
          Researcher, Nanotechnology Dept., Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, India
          Work: Mathematical Modelling.





Conference Proceeding

Priya Pathak, V. K. katiyar, C. K. Katiyar, Mathematical model of drug delivery using Anticancerous Herbal drugs, International conference proceeding NSTINanotech 2007,
May2024, California, Vol 2, 317320, 2007.

➢ Priya Pathak, V. K. Katiyar, Multifunctional Nanoparticles and Their role in cancer drug delivery Review, Journal of Nanotechnology Online, Vol3, 117, 2007.
➢ Priya Pathak, V. K. Katiyar, S. Giri, Nanoparticle, Nanobiosensor and Cancer Research, Journal of Nanotechnology Online, vol 3, pp 114,2007.


    • Paul Rathmann; Claire Chalopin, Dr.; Dirk Halama.; Priya Giri; Jürgen Meixensberger, Prof., Dr.; Dirk Lindner, Dr., Dynamic infrared thermography (DIRT) for assessment of skin blood perfusion in cranioplasty: a proof of concept for qualitative comparison with the standard indocyanine green video angiography (ICGA), International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery, 2017, pp 1-22.
      Impact factor: 1.707
    • P. Giri, S. Ebert, U-D. Braumann, M. Kremer, S. Giri, H-G. Machens, A.Bader, Complete skin regeneration of deep second-degree scalding injuries either by infusion pumping of rhEPO or topical application of EPO gel, Drug design development and therapy, Drug design development and therapy , Drug Des Devel Ther. 2015 May 11;9:2565-79.
      Impact factor: 3.028
    • Giri S, Braumann UD, Giri P, Acikgöz A, Scheibe P, Nieber K, Bader A. Nanostructured self-assembling peptides as a defined extracellular matrix for longterm functional maintenance of primary hepatocytes in a bioartificial liver modular device. International Journal of Nanomedicine. 2012.
      Impact factor: 4.3  supplementary 3D movie is available to view: http://youtu.be/Alc_72FM9Ho.
    • S. Giri, A. Acikgoz, P. Pathak,, S. Gutschker, A. Krusten, K. Nieber and A. Bader. Three Dimensional Cultures of Rat Liver Cells Using a Natural Self-assembling Nanoscaffold in a Clinically Relevant Bioreactor for Bioartificial Liver Construction. J Cell Physiol. 2011
      Impact factor: 4.08


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