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ICCAS shows its sporty side

ICCAS once again took part in the Leipzig Corporate Run for University Hospital and Faculty of Medicine yesterday. Under tropical ...

ICCAS presents results at CARS Congress

At this year's Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery - Congress (CARS), which takes place in Rennes (France) from June 18 ...

SONO-RAY group exhibits at ISTU / EUFUS Joint Symposium

At the Joint International Symposium for Focused and Therapeutic Ultrasound (EUFUS/ISTU) in Barcelona (Spain), scientists from the SONO-RAY project present ...

Robotics theme and SDC presented at EAES Congress

This year's 27th Congress of the European Association for Endoscopic Surgery (EAES) takes place in Sevilla (Spain). Johann Berger will ...


The Innovation Center for Computer-assisted surgery is a research initiative within the „Forschungsinitiative Unternehmen Region“ program funded by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research. It was founded in March 2005 as a central facility at the University of Leipzig. It is a place of research for surgeons from various disciplines as well as engineers and computer scientists, who collaborate on the development of state-of-the-art technologies for the operating room of the future. Today ICCAS is an internationally competitive research center for computer-assisted surgery and the core of a medicine
technology cluster in Saxony / Leipzig with a number of successful external fundings, start-ups, contentwise and structural pulses at the University of Leipzig and neighboring universities. Currently there are three interdisciplinary research groups working in cooperation with partners from academia and industry to achieve the desired goals. The continuously increasing flood of data on modern information and communication technology also brings a significant change to the workflow in the operating room. Clinics and their assistance systems are mostly totally unprepared for this kind of situation. The vision of ICCAS
is the integration of all necessary operations for a patient-specific information to ensure optimal computer-based assistance to the surgeon. The goal is to develop a model-based surgical automation which provides the best possible information to the surgeon from the analysis to therapeutic decisions and the delivery of data. In this context ICCAS is working on the realisation of a hightech facility for daily operation planning of surgical applications in which assistance systems are used. Those will contribute significantly to the improvement for the safety of operations.
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