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Notes at Children's University | © Katharina EisermannMitschrift Kinderuni Leipzig | © Katharina Eisermann

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Prof. Neumuth and the kids in the Audimax-hall at Leipzig University | © Katharina EisermannProf. Neumuth und die Kinder im Audimax der Universiät Leipzig | © Katharina Eisermann

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Many questions | © Katharina EisermannViele Fragen | © Katharina Eisermann

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Hall at Augusteum of Leipzig University | © Katharina EisermannHalle im Augusteum der Universität Leipzig | © Katharina Eisermann

headline-markerComputer Assisted Surgery at Leipzig´s Children University


At the end of October, Prof. Neumuth gave 8 to 12 years old kids an inside into the future of operating rooms at Leipzig’s children university. Main topic of the demonstrative lecture were robots – what they are able to do nowadays, how they support the medical professionals before, during and after an operation and their advantages compared to humans.

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