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Prof. Jens-Uwe Stolzenburg, Director of the UKL Clinic for Urology and leader of the new Center for Robot-Navigated Surgery, at a Da-Vinci surgical robot. UKL ©

headline-markerICCAS is a founding member of the first center for robot-assisted and navigated surgery in Saxony


To meet the increasing demand for minimally invasive surgery, the first interdisciplinary center for robot-assisted and navigated surgery in Saxony has been established at Leipzig University Hospital. The new center consolidates expertise from twelve disciplines in the implementation of robotic, navigation and IT-supported systems in the operating room, thus effectively exploiting synergy effects in treatment effectiveness. Within a new construction project that should be completed in 2022, three hybrid operating rooms will be built, one with integrated angiographic imaging, another with built-in computed tomography and navigation software, and one room with an MRI unit. The common goal of the interdisciplinary collaboration is to steadily increase patient safety through the continuous development of this future-oriented surgery.

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