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headline-markerBegrüßung von Frau Dr. Kerstin Denecke als neue Nachwuchsgruppenleiterin im Projekt „Digitales Patienten- und Prozess Modell“ (DPM)


The team of ICCAS is pleased to welcome Dr. Kerstin Denecke, who leads the research group Digital Patient and Process Model since February 2013.

Dr. Denecke studied computer science with the focus on medicine and recently worked at the L3S Research Center, at the University of Hanover. The young scientist has extensive experience in the fields of text analysis and information extraction from medical texts, which is a fundamental requirement for building model-based patient records. During her teaching position at the University of Applied Sciences Berlin she dealt with the visualization of medical data, which brought her in connection with ICCAS.

Dr. Denecke would like to incorporate her knowledge into the young research field of computer assisted surgery. The computer scientist and her new team work on the specification of digital patient- and decision-making models. Furthermore they consider improvements in the medical knowledge- and decision management.

The team of ICCAS wishes Dr. Denecke and her project team a successful start at the Leipzig Innovation Centre.

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