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headline-marker Professor Andreas Melzer und Doktor Kerstin Denecke – zwei Forscherporträts

13. April 2015

Im aktuellen Mitarbeitermagazin der Universitätsmedizin Leipzig berichten ICCAS-Direktor Prof. Andreas Melzer und DPM-Nachwuchsgruppenleiterin Dr. Kerstin Denecke über ihr wissenschaftliches Wirken an den Schnittstellen zwischen Radiologie – Chirurgie bzw. Informatik – Chirurgie. Die interessanten Forscherportraits bringen dem Leser zudem Visionen und eine persönliche Seite der beiden Wissenschaftler nahe.

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headline-marker GIRLS‘ DAY 2015 im ICCAS

13 April 2015

Together with the Institute for Medical Informatics, Statistics and Epidemiology (IMISE) and the Leipzig University Hospital, ICCAS is this year again preparing for Girls’ Day. On 25th April 2015 primarily ICCAS’s female researchers will provide insights into the world of medical engineering and information technology. The girls expect a practical program where they will get the possibility to test surgical assistant devices at phantom skulls in ICCAS’s state of the art Demo-OR.

The events of the world’s largest professional guidance project for pupils should arouse interests and qualities for technical and scientific professions in which female employees are rarely represented. ICCAS’s researchers hope to encourage the girls and will answer burning questions on their future career choice.


headline-marker BVM-Award für Dr. Frank Heckel

Frank Heckel mit BVM-Award25 March 2015

Dr. Frank Heckel received the BVM-AWARD 2015 for his outstanding dissertation at this year’s workshop on Image Processing for Medicine (BVM) in Lübeck. Before the award ceremony the guest researcher from Fraunhofer MEVIS presented essential results of his doctoral thesis on reproducible volumetric measurement of tumors in computer tomography data. The methods support radiologists in assessing the effect of chemotherapy.

This is already the second prize for Heckel’s dissertation „Sketch-Based Interactive Segmentation and Segmentation Editing for Oncological Therapy Monitoring“. Last year in September his was a winner of the MedVis-Award.

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headline-marker Posterbeitrag auf der SPIE Medical Imaging 2015 in Orlando (USA)

16 March 2015

Bernhard Glaser (MAI) informed with a poster presentation his scientific work on multi-sensor identification of surgical instruments at this year’s SPIE Medical Imaging Conference. Visitors was given an insight into the computer scientist’s current research results on the recognition of surgical instruments at the instrument tray and especially on their quality and similarity metrics. The resonance was very good. There were diverse discussions and valuable proposals.

Visitors of the SPIE Medical Imaging can obtain latest information about worldwide developments in the fields of digital image processing, computer-aided diagnosis and therapy as well as new investigative procedures. Topics such as Big Data connected with Cloud Computing und Machine Learning were widely represented.

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headline-marker PD Dr. Thomas Wittenberg vom Fraunhofer IIS eröffnet ICCAS-Seminar 2015

Dr. Thomas Wittenberg

On 24 March 2015, ICCAS will open this year’s ICCAS-Seminar with a public lecture by PD Dr.-Ing. Thomas Wittenberg from the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS, Erlangen. The chief scientist of the Image Processing and Medical Engineering Department and Group Manager of „Biomedical Research“ at IIS is giving a lecture on „Computer-supported imaging and pattern recognition for diagnostic and interventional endoscopy“. We are looking forward to an exciting contribution about newest technological possibilities of computerized endoscopic procedures and applications. All interested parties are warmly invited to take part in Liebigstraße 20.

Date: 24 March 2015

Time: 5-6 pm

Venue: Universitätsklinikum Leipzig, Haus 4, Seminarraum 0015/0016 „Glaskasten“, Liebigstraße 20, Leipzig

Content: New possibilities to automatically analyze the content of endoscopic imagery and the application of the extracted information for enhanced documentation, diagnosis and treatment are sketched. The field of applications of such digital image processing and analysis include automatic image enhancement, rectification of rotated images, new possibilities of view extension (augmentation) using panorama endoscopy and the overlay of endoscopic views with pre-operative imagery and planning data; and computer aided detection of dysplasia and tumors (CADe) as well as computer-assisted diag¬nose (CADx).
As these new possibilities of endoscopy are inherently coupled with the use of computers, these new endoscopic methods and applications can be referred to as computer-integrated endoscopy.

Link – Short Vita PD Dr. Thomas Wittenberg


headline-marker Deutsches Ärzteblatt informiert über die ICCAS-Forschung am Digitalen Patientenmodell

02. Januar 2015

In der Januarausgabe des Deutschen Ärzteblattes gibt ICCAS-Nachwuchsgruppenleiterin Dr. Kerstin Denecke Auskunft über den derzeitigen Forschungsstand sowie Ausblicke der Forschungsgruppe „Digitales Patienten- und Prozessmodell“. Deren Wissenschaftler arbeiten seit zwei Jahren in enger Zusammenarbeit mit Medizinern des Universitätsklinikums Leipzig an der Erstellung modellbasierter Systeme, die ärztliche Therapieentscheidungen erheblich unterstützen können.

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headline-marker OR.NET-Workshop am ICCAS

15. Januar 2015

Ende des Jahres 2014 fand am ICCAS ein weiterer wichtiger Workshop zu Teilprojekten des Verbundprojektes OR.NET – sichere und dynamische Vernetzung in Operationssaal und Klinik – statt. Im Focus der Teilnehmenden aus Industrie und Forschung standen die IT-Integration und Vernetzung im Operationssaal.

Der zweitägige Workshop, dessen Leitung Max Rockstroh innehatte, beschäftigte sich umfassend mit der Modellierung von medizinischen Geräten und Softwaresystemen nach internationaler Normung. Im Vordergrund standen die Vorbereitung der Implementierung der Demonstratoren sowie die Unterstützung von Standardisierungsmaßnahmen.
An dem seit Ende 2013 am ICCAS entwickelten klinischen Demonstrator sollen zum Ende der Projektlaufzeit im August 2015 beispielhafte Implementierungen zur sicheren und dynamischen Integration und Vernetzung von Medizinprodukten – mit und ohne Echtzeitanforderungen untereinander und mit IT-Systemen im OP-Umfeld – möglich werden. Diese sollen anschließend von Klinikbetreibern als auch von Ärzten und dem OP-Personal evaluiert werden.



headline-marker ICCAS 2014 – Der aktuelle Jahresbericht gibt Auskunft

05 January 2015

The current ICCAS Annual Report is now online available. Interested persons receive detailed information about the particular projects – structured by the research areas of ICCAS – and the achievements and results of the scientists in 2014.

Link – ICCAS-Research Report 2014


headline-marker ICCAS lud ein zu Statusseminar und Beiratsevaluierung 2014

16 December 2014

On 8th December 2014, Professor Jürgen Meixensberger opened the ICCAS status seminar and the advisory committee meeting 2014 with a welcome speech to the employee and invited guests, which included the ICCAS-board- and advisory board members from science and industry as well as the Vice Dean of the Leipzig Medical Faculty Professor Ingo Bechmann. Afterwards he handed over to Professor Andreas Melzer, who has been Director of the ICCAS since September 2014. Prof. Melzer presented intentions for the further development of the ICCAS-concept, which includes a stronger interaction with other medical research institutions and a growth of cooperation with the industrial sector. Furthermore, he explained the inclusion of his research area MR-guided Focused UltraSound (MRgFUS) in the ICCAS research landscape. Prof. Bechmann praised the research of ICCAS and assured support by the Leipzig Medical Faculty for future projects. ICCAS also received much appreciation for the achievements already made from the clinics of the Leipzig University Hospital.

This was followed by a round of presentations of the project leaders of all ICCAS research fields. Much has been achieved in 2014, but the year 2015 holds new challenges. Projects such as Standards, Patient Simulation Systems and Defect Classification of the Cervical Spine came to an end and new projects were presented, e.g. ONCOCONTROL – which will continue the successful development in the field of information- and management systems in tumor therapy. The guests were informed about the research state of selected projects on the basis of life-, multimedia-, Powerpoint- and poster presentations. The diversified event which offered many issues for discussion about benefits and applications of high-tech systems, not only in the operational area, ended with the meeting of the ICCAS advisory committee. Every year, its highly qualified experts from science and industry evaluate the research of ICCAS.

Thanks to all guests and employees for their successful contributions, constructive discussions, ideas and suggestions, which ICCAS will take in its 10th year of existence.

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headline-marker Auftakt – ICCAS Fraunhofer Kolloquium

Am Freitag, dem 19. Dezember 2014, findet um 9:00 Uhr im ICCAS-Seminarraum die Auftaktveranstaltung zu einem Kolloquium mit Vertretern der Fraunhofer Institute statt. Erster Vortragender dieser Vorlesungsreihe wird Dipl.-Ing. Steffen Tretbar sein. Der Leiter der Abteilung „Medizinischer Ultraschall“ am Fraunhofer Institut für Biomedizinische Technik (IBMT) beleuchtet das Thema “Neue Perspektiven des medizinischen Ultraschalls“.