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headline-markerThe digital twin and GAIA-X – the future of location-independent, personalized medicine


For efficient healthcare, intuitively usable and semantically linked data from various sources in the clinical environment are developed into a medical twin of the patient.

The digital twin takes over the virtual representation of the patient, which contains all the necessary data (e.g. on medication, diseases, treatment processes, but also genetic data). It forms the basis for sustainable technology to support medical staff in making therapy decisions, implementing them and monitoring success.

At the same time, GAIA-X offers a secure and trustworthy data infrastructure for Europe, which allows the secure exchange of models, data and services. The aim is to develop concepts for the integration of digital twins into the GAIA-X ecosystem so that health data, trained models and analysis modules can be exchanged between different healthcare facilities (e.g. clinics, practices, outpatient facilities) in Germany, but also in countries within the EU can be shared at any time.

You can find more about the project on the AI ​​map and under the following link: https://www.plattform-lernende-systems.de/application.html?AID=1545

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