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Saxony's Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer at ICCAS's intelligent OR. © ICCAS, photographer: Christian HüllerMinisterpräsident Michael Kretschmer im Intelligenten OP des ICCAS. © ICCAS, Fotograf: Christian Hüller

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Opening of the first SONO-RAY status seminar at BBZ by Prof. Andreas Melzer.Eröffnung des ersten SONO-RAY Statusseminares im BBZ durch Prof. Andreas Melzer.

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Saxony's Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer informs himself about robot-assisted application methods at ICCAS. © ICCAS, photographer: Christian HüllerMinisterpräsident Michael Kretschmer informiert sich über Roboter-assistierte Anwendungsverfahren im ICCAS. © ICCAS, Fotograf: Christian Hüller

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Guests of the Prime Minister visit at ICCAS. © ICCAS, photographer: Christian HüllerDie Gäste des Ministerpräsidentenbesuches im ICCAS. © ICCAS, Fotograf: Christian Hüller

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Opening words of Prorector Prof. Erich Schröger at the ICCAS-status seminar in the BBZ.Begrüßungsworte des Prorektors Prof. Erich Schröger beim ICCAS-Statusseminar im BBZ

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Project presentation of the research group Intraoperative Multimodal Imaging.Projektpräsentation der Forschungsgruppe Intraoperative Multimodale Bildgebung

headline-markerICCAS welcomed Saxony’s Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer and numerous guests at status seminars SONO-RAY and ICCAS


Right at the beginning of the new year, distinguished visitors were welcomed at the ICCAS. On the day of the two status seminars SONO-RAY and ICCAS, Saxony’s Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer, who visited Leipzig University for the first time since taking office, was warmly welcomed. Prof. Andreas Melzer, Prof. Thomas Neumuth and Prof. Andreas Dietz gave an insight into the current development of state-of-the-art OR-technologies and let the Prime Minister lend a hand in the research operating room. In addition, Kretschmer was explained a robot-assisted therapy approach from the SONO-RAY project. Further guests were Rector Prof. Beate Schücking, the Prorectors Prof. Erich Schröger and Prof. Thomas Lenk and Dean Prof. Michael Stumvoll from Leipzig University, Prof. Wolfgang E. Fleig from Leipzig University Hospital as well as Prof. Markus Krabbes and Prof. Jens Jäkel from the Leipzig University of Applied Sciences for Technology, Economics and Culture (HTWK).

Approximately 90 guests attended the status seminars and listened to the exciting presentations on the research work carried out in 2017 as well as to the outlook on future tasks. The SONO-RAY project group opened the event day with an own status seminar together with the scientists of the cooperation partner OncoRay (Dresden), led by Prof. Mechthild Krause. The collaboration with the Clinics for Radiology and Nuclear Medicine of Leipzig University Hospital, the Saxonian Incubator for Clinical Translation (SIKT), the Helmholtz Center Dresden Rossendorf and the Fraunhofer IBMT was recognized.

The ICCAS status seminar was opened by Prof. Andreas Melzer and Prof. Erich Schröger, Prorector for Research and Young Academics. After the group leaders gave a summarized overview of the research areas of ICCAS, the scientists presented their achievements in the last part of the event by means of selected live demonstrations. The special day ended with the ICCAS advisory board meeting.

The ICCAS would like to thank all guests for their interest and is looking forward to a successful cooperation in the new year!

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