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headline-markerICCAS at the FHX24


At the FHX24 (Future Health Experience), which will take place on 16 May 2024 in the Media City in Leipzig, ICCAS will present a prototypefor multi-user augmented reality applications in medicine, which was developed as part of the MOMENTUM project. Participants engage in a collaborative session where they evaluate an injury an injury to a torso and identify secondary injuries and treatment solutions. This futuristic technology is still in development, and while current augmented reality headsets are large and clunky, they are expected to be miniaturized in the future, allowing seamless integration into established workflows.
The ICCAS team at FHX24, consisting of Ivan Matyash, Ken Paulitz and David Lepach, showcased this AR solution to demonstrate the feasibility of such tools for medical practice. Their outreach successfully connects partners from medicine, research and industry and fostered collaboration with ICCAS experts.

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