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headline-markerWissenschaftliche Beiträge auf der GMDS Jahrestagung 2013


GMDS Lübeck

At the beginning of September 2013 the German Society for Medical Computer Science, Biometry and Epidemiology (GMDS) e.V. invites to the 58th annual meeting in Lübeck. The event is an important platform for Germany-wide developments and research activities that deal with the design of the future patient care. The ICCAS will be represented with presentations by Max Rockstroh and Matthäus Stöhr in the section of medical informatics. Furthermore Kerstin Denecke, Prof. Dr. Thomas Neumuth and Dr. Stefan Bohn will participate in the extensive programme.

Max Rockstroh is presenting in a workshop on the BMBF project “OR.NET” (Secure and dynamic networking in the operating room and clinic) his already in the JCARS (International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery) published concept of a “Surgical Recorder”. This is for recording intra-operative data. The presentation goes into the prototype and its application within the OR.NET – project.

Matthäus Stöhr is speaking in the session “Modeling of systems and processes” on the subject of “Modeling and support of decision-making regarding the treatment of laryngeal carcinoma in the head and neck tumor board”. The scientist explains the issue of the complexity of decision-making in oncology, especially for head and neck tumors. He will introduce recent research results to the development of decision support systems which facilitate the decision for a particular treatment and make therapy steps more comprehensible.

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