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headline-markerICCAS offers Workshop within INFORMATIK 2009


Due to numerous requests, the deadline for the paper submission has been extended until May 8th, 2009. Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in this most interesting event.

ICCAS organises the Workshop “Knowledge representation and patient modeling for computer-assisted interventions” within the annual meeting of the Gesselschaft für Informatik, INFORMATIK 2009 in Lübeck in September 2009.

The event is coordinated with the “Medizinische Robotik und Navigation” Workshop taking place on the same day. The joint announcement can be found here.

Model-guided therapy aims at exploiting all available information, taking advantage of the increased computational power to combine, analyze and present specific patient data related to the complete health state of the subject. The goal is to build a complete model of the specific patient for the specific medical situation to offer specific therapy alternatives. The promise of such model-guided therapy is a more precise diagnosis, better prediction of outcomes, and individualized planning, performance and evaluation of interventions.

To achieve this, the availability of a patient-specific model is necessary. This patient-specific model is an organized collection of all relevant medical and clinical data. The model must be comprehensive, including all information available, but it must also be adaptable, making it possible to support specific clinical workflows. The model must also allow reasoning and must be adaptive, continually incorporating new information and knowledge.

The goal of the workshop is to bring together Computer scientists, engineers and clinical practitioners with an interest in studying all aspects of the creation and use of a patient-specific model to support model-guided therapy to achieve more effective, individual diagnosis and therapy.

The main topics of interest regarding the patient-specific model are:

  • Model-based therapy and patient models
  • Generation and validation of medical patient models
  • Knowledge modeling in the medical domain
  • Visualization of organ and patient models
  • Reasoning with medical models
  • Modeling, integrating and applying clinical workflows

Important dates

08/05/2009 Submission of contributed papers
25/05/2009 Notification of acceptance/rejection
01/07/2009 Submission of camera-ready papers

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