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headline-markerMedica Tech Forum 2023: Innovations in medical technology


The Medica Tech Forum 2023 is a leading event for medical technology and healthcare innovations, which took place this year from 13.11. – 16.11.23. It presents innovative technologies with a focus on artificial intelligence, robotics and telemedicine, innovative imaging and networked medical technology. This forum offers professionals the opportunity to network and exchange knowledge in order to shape the future of the healthcare industry.
Once again this year, a wide range of innovations in the field of medical technology were presented, from robot-controlled surgical instruments to ground-breaking imaging techniques.
ICCAS was also involved in the 4-day forum with two contributions.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Neumuth gave a presentation on the topic: “VDE initiative Connected Health: The impact of 5G and 6G telecommunication technology on medicine.”

Dr. Max Rockstroh gave an insight into current healthcare and its prospects for the future with his presentation: “VDE Connected Health: The importance of connectivity for medical care today and tomorrow.”

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