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headline-markerOR.NET startet zum 01.09.2012


01.09.2012 will be the start for the R & D major project “OR.NET” funded by the BMBF with a total of approx. 15 million euro, with a total of 41 partners and under the leadership of the University of Heidelberg, the technical University of Munich and the RWTH Aachen. The aim of the project is the design, evaluation and implementation of concepts for vendor-independent and dynamic networks for the often very innovative but also very different medical components into existing operating rooms and IT infrastructures with the aim of expanding the overall functionality.

ICCAS takes over in this project including a major role in the standardization of technical standards, processes and protocols that are important for the dynamic linking. With the establishment of a demonstrator, the exemplary implementation of a dynamic integration and networking will be tested and presented in an operating room environment.

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