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headline-markerProf. Melzer and 3 ICCAS’ researchers at iSMIT


Prof. Andreas Melzer is part of the scientific program as a guest speaker at the 32nd Conference of the International Society for Medical Innovation and Technology (iSMIT), which takes place online from December 3 – 10, 2020. On December 10, he will give an invited lecture on MRgFUS technology. In addition, he opened the session on future perspectives of robotic surgery with a lecture on John Wickam’s life work, who is considered to be “the godfather of robotic surgery”. Three further ICCAS contributions are the credit of the scientists Denis Gholami Bajestani, Martin Reich and Michael Unger. The former presents his research on the Development of In-Vitro Vessel Phantoms for MRI-Guided Interventions. Martin Reich’s contribution focuses on the Developing of An Intuitive And Feasable Setup For In-Room Control During MRI-Guided Interventions. Michael Unger introduces his work on the Robot-Assisted Ultrasound-Guided Tracking Of Anatomical Structures For The Application Of Focused Ultrasound.

Denis’ presentation
Martin’s presentation
Michael’s presentation

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