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    Clinic and Polyclinic for Neurology, Leipzig University Hospital
    Selbstständige Abteilung für Allgemeinmedizin, Leipzig University Hospital
    German Stroke Aid Foundation
    Deutsche Rentenversicherung Mitteldeutschland
    Telekom Healthcare Solutions GmbH



headline-markerPostStroke Manager

PostStroke Manager: mobile, digital system to strengthen relapse prevention, health competence and self-reliance

Annually more than 270,000 people suffer from acute strokes in Germany, out of which roughly 200,000 experience it for the first time. Further consequences follow after the acute event for the majority of the afflicted patients, including physical handicaps and emotional distress. This often leads to the stroke evolving into a chronic illness.

In order to support patients in the often difficult time after the stroke, the PostStroke Manager represents a patient-oriented, digital system that uses common everyday communication channels in order to enable a coordinated preventive long-term care of stroke patients. The system integrates stroke pilots (Schlaganfalllotsen), patients and general practitioners as well as mobile sensors (so-called wearables) and, thus, creates the basis for innovative digital services, new forms of care and a structured disease management program for strokes. It serves as a supplement to stroke pilot care from the first year on after the acute event, but can also be used in areas without an established program of that kind directly after the incident. In addition, the PostStroke-Manager can help with secondary prophylaxis matters by i.e. reminding the patient to take their medications and – provided that the patient enabled the function – recording important parameters like heart rate or systolic and diastolic blood pressure via Bluetooth blood pressure monitors.

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