ISO - Certivication

Research Area

Model-based medicine and intelligent operating room

Prof. Dr. Thomas Neumuth

Project Coordination

Dr.-Ing. Stefan Bohn


Dr.-Ing. Stefan Bohn




TeleNoma - Telemedical applications based on nomadic radio networks

The TeleNoma project aims to develop an improved communications infrastructure for mobile medical teams and facilities in rural and underserved areas. The core of the project is the use of nomadic radio networks and the integration of 5G technologies in an open platform to provide a cost-effective and scalable solution for telemedicine applications. The project aims to develop a hardware-software kit that establishes a temporary nomadic 5G radio network and realises a seamless connection of medical devices and applications for mobile medical teams in an easy-to-use solution. By combining nomadic radio networks and telemedicine, a new overall technical concept is to be developed that can bring medicine at the level of a maximum care provider to underserved areas. The availability of a suitable communication and medical IT infrastructure should enable efficient medical services such as diagnoses, treatments, vaccinations, consultations and preventive medical check-ups as well as the ad-hoc deployment of medical teams in special or crisis situations.