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headline-markerLaunch of the Miracle-5 project on 1st November 2023


Miracle – 5: Integrated remote support and communication using mixed-reality applications in 5G environments

The project investigates the use of 5G campus networks for XR-based telemedicine. A technology demonstrator will be developed to test an XR telemedicine application over 5G networks, the effectiveness of which will be evaluated for clinical use. Challenges include data synchronisation and low latency. The partnership between LeFx, ICCAS and Telefonica combines XR visualisation and 5G technology. In addition to ICCAS’ own 5G network, managed service networks from Telefonica are used. Clinical use cases will be developed and tested by a consortium of Helios Parkkrankenhaus Leipzig and Leipzig University Hospital, with UML contributing its medical expertise and experience with 5G networks

Partner of the project:

  • LeFX GmbH
  • Telef├│nica
  • Helios Park Hospital
  • University Medical Center Leipzig

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