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headline-markerVDE, DFKI and ICCAS establish joint initiative for telecommunication technologies in the healthcare sector


As part of the Berlin 6G Conference, the establishment of the Joint Working Group on Connected Health is announced today as a joint interdisciplinary initiative of the professional societies VDE DGBMT (Biomedical Engineering), VDE ITG (Information Technology) and the BMBF 6G Platform. This groundbreaking initiative establishes a Germany-wide forum for industry-related 5G and 6G wireless applications in healthcare with the goal of accelerating the development and implementation of telecommunication technologies for healthcare applications and promoting the exchange of knowledge and experience between industry, research and academia.

The VDE Connected Health Initiative is emerging at a time when the ongoing digitization and networking of industry and healthcare are playing an increasingly significant role. The next generation of wireless communications, 6G, will offer breakthrough opportunities for a wide range of applications, including medical technology. Through its establishment, the VDE Connected Health Initiative positions itself as the future authority for the development and implementation of 6G-based solutions in the healthcare sector. Prof. Thomas Neumuth of ICCAS will contribute expertise from 20 years of interdisciplinary medical technology research and development on behalf of VDE DGBMT and represent Leipzig as a research location. Prof. Hans Schotten from DFKI, 6G Platform and VDE ITG will represent the communications technology perspective.

VDE Connected Health brings together leading medical technology companies, research institutes, universities and government agencies to explore the potential of telecommunications technologies for medical research and practice. Through close collaboration between industry and academia, the aim is to develop innovative solutions that drive medical progress and revolutionize patient care.

The main objectives of the VDE Connected Health Initiative include:
– Exploring the potential applications of 5G and 6G technologies in medical technology, including telemedicine, medical imaging, patient monitoring and precision medicine.
– Promoting collaboration between industry and academia to advance the development of 5G and 6G-based solutions.
– Support research projects and initiate pilot projects to demonstrate and validate the use of 6G in medical technology.
– Create an innovation ecosystem that enables the sharing of knowledge, experience and best practices among platform members.

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