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Gastgeber und Gäste im SCOT-Demonstrator

headline-markerCollaboration Consolidated with OR.NET Sister Project in Japan


In September 2016, ICCAS welcomed a Japanese delegation from the project SCOT (Smart Cyber Operating Theater). SCOT is a project being carried out by the Institute for Advanced Biomedical Engineering & Science at Tokyo Women’s Medical University. And similar to the German OR.NET project, it deals with the design and construction of an integrated operating room. In terms of their intentions and achievements so far, these two sister projects are globally unique.

ICCAS has now paid a return visit to Tokyo. During an important symposium on biomedical engineering, Prof. Thomas Neumuth, Stefan Franke and Erik Schreiber explained ICCAS’s work on open OR networking to participants from the Japanese industrial and research sectors. During a subsequent workshop, possible synergies between German and Japanese activities regarding the development of integration technologies for operating rooms were explored. Another item on the agenda was a visit to the SCOT demonstrator – a robot-based, integrated operating theater with intraoperative MRI optimized for the treatment of brain tumors. Afterwards, a concluding workshop was held at which the theme of device interoperability based on international standardization processes (especially in connection with IHE) was discussed with industry representatives.

The visit revealed several shared points of interest and ideas arguing in favor of future collaboration.

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