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Dr. Lisa Landgraf shows the work on cell cultures to the pupils.Dr. Lisa Landgraf zeigt den Schülerinnen die Arbeit an Zellkulturen.

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Dr. Claire Chalopin and a pupil during a simulated examination in the research OR.Dr. Claire Chalopin und eine Schülerin bei einer simulierten Untersuchung im Forschungs-OP

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The girls measuring their face temperature with infrared camera.Die Mädchen beim Messen der Temperatur im Gesicht mittels Wärmebildkamera.

headline-markerGirl’s Day 2018 – High School Pupils Visited ICCAS


On the occasion of the nationwide Girl’s Day, pupils from the 8-10th grade of high schools visited the university medicine to learn more about the application fields of medical informatics. Before visiting the ICCAS, the girls received an overview of the diverse study and work areas at the Institute for Medical Informatics, Statistics and Epidemiology and conducted a small study at the Centre for Clinical Studies. At the Leipzig University Hospital they learned more about the functions and benefits of the Service Desk. At the ICCAS, Dr. Claire Chalopin and Dr. Lisa Landgraf explained how women work in science. The two group leaders are researching as physicists and biologist on new examination and treatment methods using imaging techniques. The pupils were very pleased with the insights into the digitized working world.

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