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On Girls' Day, schoolgirls get a taste of research in medical technology. photos: ICCASSch├╝lerinnen schnuppern am Girls' Day in die Medizintechnikforschung. Fotos: ICCAS

headline-markerGirls’ Day at ICCAS


Early practice for those who want to find their dream job. On March 28, 12 girls of the 8th and 9th grades visited stations of the University Medicine in order to especially experience professions in medical informatics. At the ICCAS, the schoolgirls could try out for themselves what the women scientists are currently researching in medical technology. They were able to simulate a heart muscle biopsy on a 3D heart model. In addition, a robot arm was controlled for a minimally invasive procedure. At a third station, the girls could use a thermal imaging camera to find out the different temperature of their facial skin.

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