ISO - Certivication

Senior Physician and Otolaryngologist at UKL Dr. Pirlich explains the Intelligent OR’s Operation Mode to the journalist Stefan Marx. | Photo: Mitteldeutscher RundfunkOberarzt und Facharzt für HNO-Heilkunde am UKL Dr. Markus Pirlich erklärt Journalist Stefan Marx die Funktionsweise des Intelligenten OP. | Foto: MDR Wissen

headline-markerICCAS’s OR of the Future on TV


A TV team from Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk (MDR) filmed the intelligent, networked demo OR in ICCAS. In addition to the unique interaction of high tech in the operating theatre, a robotic application for the precise removal of tumour tissue can also be discovered.

The contribution is broadcasted on “3sat nano TV” and “MDR Wissen” and can currently be found in the media library.

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