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The EUFMH team together with further helpers of the mobile field hospital | photo: ModEX 2017/2018Das EUFMH Team im Kreise weiterer Helfer des mobilen Krankenhauses Foto: ModEX 2017/2018

headline-markerICCAS supported EU’s largest civil protection exercise


The European Union conducted its largest civil protection exercise (ModEX) ever held in Europe in Bucharest from October 14 to 18. The exercise trained the coordination and cooperation of diverse Emergency Medical Teams (EMT) from different nations. A total of 517 emergency personnel from 17 countries and more than 1500 Romanian volunteers took part. Prof. Thomas Neumuth and Erik Schreiber evaluated the digital patient file for disaster relief developed at ICCAS under real conditions. They worked in the newly established project team “European Modular Field Hospital” (EUMFH).

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