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headline-markerSummer Semester 2023


Structured system innovation for medicine (Universität Leipzig) / Systems Engineering (HTWK Leipzig):

The focus of the module is on gathering practical experience of the development process for medical technology systems. After the introduction of the most important methodical contents in the lecture part, student project teams work out a complex task on their own responsibility. In this way, the technical knowledge is consolidated and supplemented by practical experience of teamwork.

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Medical device development (Universität Leipzig / OVGU Magdeburg):

The aim of the lecture is to gain an overview of the basic regulatory and technical requirements for the development and marketing of medical devices (MP) in Germany and Europe. This will provide important impulses for later areas of work, such as planning of development steps, risk management, quality management and conformity testing. Based on the ICCAS research foci, the students will deal with issues such as European directives, harmonization and classification of MP.

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