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headline-markerWinter Semester 2022/2023


Course “Computer Assisted Surgery

The lecture will take place online, the practical courses are face-to-face courses. Presentations as well as all information about the practical courses are stored in Moodle.

The goal of the lecture is to provide a basic methodological understanding regarding the structure of medical planning and simulation systems. First, technical and structural basics necessary for the treatment of medical simulation systems are explained (imaging, medical image processing, system design). Subsequently, common procedures and methods of modeling, planning and simulation in the medical environment are presented in detail on the basis of concrete systems. Different classes and characteristics of systems are presented and analyzed. Furthermore, the lecture gives an insight into the functionality of medical engineering systems for computer-assisted surgery. The use of navigation, mechatronics, robotics as well as telemanipulation are based on medical image data. The integration of the image data into these systems, the integration of the devices into the sterile environment in the operating room as well as the communication and networking of the devices among each other are major challenges. In addition to the basic techniques, prototypical systems and many applied examples will be shown in the lecture.

As an accompanying course to the lecture, a practical course is offered, which provides the opportunity to deal with practical problems in the use of information technology in surgery. Within the practical course exercises in the field of computer assisted surgery including visualization, medical image processing, surgical workflows and surgical robotics will be performed. There is the possibility of an intensive exchange with scientists on the above mentioned topics. If interested, there is the possibility of theses in this area.

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Course “Project Management

The lecture takes place online. The presentations are deposited in Moodle.

Imparting specialist knowledge in project management, in particular teaching basic knowledge, methods and procedures for result- and deadline-oriented project work/execution.