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headline-markerWinter Semester 2023/2024


Module Computer Assisted Surgery (CAS) [Uni Leipzig]

Asynchronous online lecture and practical courses in presence

The aim of the lecture is to provide a basic methodological understanding regarding the structure of medical planning and simulation systems. First, technical and structural basics necessary for the treatment of medical simulation systems are explained (imaging, medical image processing, system design). Subsequently, common procedures and methods of modeling, planning and simulation in the medical environment are presented in detail on the basis of concrete systems. Different classes and characteristics of systems are presented and analyzed.
Furthermore, the lecture gives an insight into the functioning of medical engineering systems for computer-assisted surgery. The use of navigation, mechatronics, robotics as well as telemanipulation are based on medical image data. The integration of the image data into these systems, the integration of the devices into the sterile environment in the operating room as well as the communication and networking of the devices among each other are major challenges. In addition to the basic techniques, prototypical systems and many applied examples will be shown in the lecture.

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Module Introduction to Computer Assisted Surgery for Medical Students (CASMed) [Uni Leipzig]

Asynchronous online lecture and practical courses in presence

Computer-assisted assistance systems are increasingly used in routine surgical practice. The possibilities of computer assistance in surgery range from improved diagnostic imaging, three-dimensional visualization, surgical navigation and mechatronics to tele-surgery. The course provides the basic technical knowledge to be able to apply and evaluate the novel techniques of computer-assisted surgery in a reflective manner. Applications and case studies from different surgical disciplines show the practical use of the current state of the art. Individual devices can be practically tested in the ICCAS-Demo-OP itself.

Module Project Management [HTWK]

Asynchronous online lecture

Imparting of specialized knowledge in project management, especially imparting of basic knowledge, methods and procedures for a result- and deadline-oriented project work/handling.

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Modul Studium generale: Engineering Technology for the Medicine of the Future (Ing4Med) [HTWK]

Event series

In a time of rapid technological developments, we face the challenge of redefining the boundaries between medicine and technology. The Studium Generale “Engineering Technology for Medicine of the Future” approaches this topic with a reflective perspective and builds a bridge for exchange between research and teaching.

The events of the Studium generale offer insight into new technologies that will profoundly change the future of medical care: Soft and continuum robotics are opening new doors for surgery by enabling more precise and less invasive procedures. Hyperspectral imaging promises to take diagnostics to a new level by providing detailed information about the condition of organs that cannot be captured by conventional methods. The operating room of the future will be revolutionized not only by advanced robotics, but also by networked and AI-powered technologies.
During the event series, attendees will learn about these and other technologies and have the opportunity to apply them in laboratory environments. This hands-on approach will be used to illustrate various subfields of engineering technology and their importance to the medicine of the future.

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