ISO - Certivication

Project Coordination

Dr. Stefan Franke




Digitales Patient- and Process Model

In the project, information theoretical concepts for the formal description and modelling of patient data and surgical decision-making processes are developed. Patient models link and analyze all data relevant for surgery and therapy planning and thus enable an all-round representation of the patient and his diseased organ. Decision models describe the decision-making processes.

In the age of increasing digitalization, a patient file consists of numerous isolated data sets that originate from specific information systems and various medical devices. The complex patient data can only be optimally exploited by the surgeon if they are available in a clear and concise form before and during the operation. For the use of digital patient and decision models in real clinical applications and to identify application cases, an intensive cooperation with clinicians is carried out. The developed concepts will be applied in prototypes to investigate their applicability and practical relevance.


  • Specification and modelling of digital patient models and decision models
  • Semantic enrichment and use of models through analysis, evaluation and interpretation of data
  • Development of applications to support surgeons in therapy planning and execution using the models