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Project Coordination

Prof. Dr. Thomas Neumuth


    SWAN – Scientific Workflow Analysis GmbH




Event-based Networking in the Operating Room

Project description

Eventor is a project in cooperation with the SWAN – Scientific Workflow Analysis GmbH. The aim of the project is the development of concepts for interconnecting process logic and integration technologies for intra- and peri-operative purposes. This allows the semi automation of data exchange and interaction between medical devices based on the surgical situation. Hence, novel forms of surgical assistance might be developed. Additionally, human machine interaction might be simplified to unburden the surgeon and the OR-staff. The implementation is mostly based upon existing integration technologies as well as a tailored rule set for handling of process information. The developed concepts and prototypical implementations will be evaluated for selected clinical fields of application.

Research goals

The increasing number of medical devices and information systems around the operating theatre lead to additional administrative workload. The project evaluates the application of process information to simplify these tasks. This includes the following research goals:

  • integration of existing medical devices and information systems with a process logic,
  • modeling of surgical requirements, based on surgical process model concepts,
  • development of a tailored rule set for process information,
  • implementation and evaluation of prototypical systems for selected clinical use cases.

Priorities of the project

Eventor focusses on three research topics:

  • complex modeling of surgical procedure,
  • situation-aware communication and interaction of medical devices,
  • dynamic information exchange based on surgical workflow.

Previous research results

Currently, we analyzed clinical fields of application and their requirements towards dynamic integration of process logic. Furthermore, existing technologies in various fields of research had been evaluated.

The figure illustrates the event-based networking of various devices and systems in the operating room.


Eventor develops and evaluates concepts for dynamic interconnection of process logic and integration technologies for various clinical applications. The developed concepts and prototypes will contribute to the development of situation-aware medical devices.