ISO - Certivication

Research Area

Model-based medicine and intelligent operating room

Prof. Dr. Thomas Neumuth

Project Coordination

Prof. Dr. Thomas Neumuth




The GenoMed4All project is an EU-wide initiative for the establishment of a network-infrastructure to facilitate the exchange of clinical data in a federated learning framework. By integrating valuable clinical data up to multi-OMICS levels, the project aims to significantly improve quantitative analysis using machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) methods. GenoMed4All focuses on a range of hematological diseases, which are becoming increasingly complex due to the particularly advanced utilization of precision diagnostics and personalized therapies.

In partnership with the Clinic and Polyclinic for Hematology, Cell Therapy and Hemostaseology at the University of Leipzig Medical Center, ICCAS is contributing to the mplementation of the federated data integration mechanisms as well as advanced data standardization based on HL7 FHIR.

External project site: https://genomed4all.eu