ISO - Certivication

Research Area

Model-based medicine and intelligent operating room

Prof. Dr. Thomas Neumuth

Project Coordination

Dr. Stefan Franke







Digitization and interoperability for location and device-independent access to clinical data will be more firmly established in medicine. The greatest challenges at present are the lack of standardized, interoperable interfaces, the complexity of the clinical IT ecosystem, and the requirements posted by inevitable data protection and security measures.

In the MediNet project, the necessary interconnections between clinics, research and companies are being established. To this end, ICCAS runs a Transfer center to assist regional health care providers and companies with organizational and technical challenges when introducing novel products into the medical environment. Beyond that, ICCAS scientists are developing a technical platform that facilitates clinical studies and innovative treatment strategies with networked medical products. Based on established international standards and new technologies, the entire spectrum, ranging from mobile point of care devices to clinical information systems, can be addressed.

In cooperation with regional companies, the next generation of medical products will be integrated into clinical processes and digital infrastructures in the university hospital. This will also lay the foundation for new, more flexible solutions for location-independent, integrated medicine beyond the project period.