ISO - Certivication

Research Area

Model-based medicine and intelligent operating room

Prof. Dr. Thomas Neumuth

Project Coordination

Dr. Alexander Oeser




In the SaxoCell Systems project, ICCAS is developing mechanisms for secure tracking of necessary resources (analog and digital) in the context of ATMP development (e.g., findings, cells, pharmaceutical materials, etc.) on the basis of formal process models. For this purpose, the involved assets are first defined in the form of interoperable (HL7 FHIR) resources. Then, these digital images are instantiated within an IT platform based on a blockchain infrastructure and compared to an ideal process model with the principles of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). In the context of the SaxoCell overall project, the resulting supply chain management solution is intended to enable seamless traceability for ATMP manufacturing processes in order to enable superior and sustainable quality management in all areas of the intended platform.

External project page: https://saxocell.de