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headline-markerSandra von Sachsen mit Vortrag auf ICBES in Prag


01 September 2014

Sandra von Sachsen was speaker at the International Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Systems (ICBES) in Prague. At the specialist conference, researchers met who deal with theories and applications of biomedical sciences and biomedical engineering.

Von Sachsen’s lecture on computer-assisted defect classification for the treatment of cervical spinal stenosis presented important research results of the HWS-group – a coding scheme for the description of identified defect characteristics of degenerative modified cervical spinal stenosis and a method for the fully automated detection of stenosis of the spinal canal in the MRT image. The audience asked questions concerning the applicability of the method in the diagnosis of vertebral body fractures. According to Sandra von Sachsen, this is quite possible. A crucial prerequisite is the providing of a greater amount of image data for the image-based classification of the relevant vertebral fractures.

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