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headline-markerWissenschaftlicher Austausch auf der SPIE Medical Imaging – Conference


From 15 to 20 February this year, Jens Meier and Mario Cypko took part in the SPIE Medical Imaging – Conference, which was host in San Diego, California (USA). The focus of the sessions and lectures, which were attended by the two young scientists, was in the areas of electronic management of patient data, patient information systems and clinical assistance systems in view of an increasingly evidence-based and personalized medicine.

In the lecture “A concept of a generalized electronic patient record for personalized medicine” Jens Meier presented the results and new approaches to the research of support systems for individualized diagnosis and therapy, which have been developed in cooperation with scientists from the Informatics and Image Processing Lab (IPILab) at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. These include the provision and use of central database and complete electronic patient records, but also workflow assistance systems for the clinical practice and decision support systems to improve the treatment planning of head and neck tumors. The IT system “oncoflow”, which has been successfully used for a year at the Leipzig University Hospital, was also a topic of this presentation and received great attention.

The conference confirmed the future potential of the ICCAS-concept. The trend towards model- and evidence-based medicine was clearly noticeable. Contacts could be strengthened and expanded, such as with research institutes at RWTH Aachen and TU München.

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