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headline-markerDr. Kerstin Denecke bringt Leipzig – Auckland – Forschungsvorhaben ins Rollen


08 August 2014

Last year in autumn, employee of New Zealand’s National Institute for Health Innovation (NIHI) visited the ICCAS to explore common research interests. They already showed interest in working together with the ICCAS at that time. Now the return visit followed by Dr. Kerstin Denecke, who traveled to Auckland with plenty information material about the ICCAS and the work of the research group Digital Patient- and Process Modell. Her points of reference were the NIHI – where studies for information technologies in the healthcare sector are conducted – and the Department of Computer Science at the University of Auckland. Furthermore, an initial meeting with the Bioengineering Institute took place which also deals with patient modelling.

The conversations at the NIHI were successful. Both sides see benefits in a closer cooperation. While the Leipzig scientists are leading in methodical development, the Auckland researchers have much to offer in the field of patient studies. The reason for that is a good availability of patient data gathered over decades. Just as the ICCAS, the National Institute endeavors developments of standardized applications which use openEHR – a good reason to remain in contact.
Further research periods are planned. The Leipzig – Auckland – Research is taking shape.

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