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Project contents

The research group Life Support Systems (LSS) investigates innovative, non-invasive methods to diagnose and monitor injuries of the lung and in the future also of other dysfunctional organs. Research is currently focused on the advancement of Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT) towards a patient-specific, three-dimensional visualization of the lung function with special attention to feasibility and emergency use cases inside and outside of the clinic. Furthermore, the group addresses the analysis of CT scans to quantify lung ventilation disorders, exceeding the solely visual assessment of the CT image slices. By merging non-invasive, continuous EIT information available at bedside with the partial image information from quantitative CT, selection and guidance of therapy options will be improved, especially for patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome. Through a close cooperation with several medical technology manufacturers, a prompt transfer of research results to clinically available medical devices is ensured.

Research goals

  • Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT):
    • Technological advances of the electrode belt and the image reconstruction
    • Patient-specific ventilation and diagnostics
    • Clinical usage
    • New opportunities for usage in the pre-clinical field
    • Novel image- and signal-based analysis methods
    • Investigation of novel, EIT-based ventilation methods
  • Quantitative Computer Tomographie (qCT):
    • Multi-centric CT database
    • Automated methods for lung segmentation and quantitative analysis
    • Investigation of opportunities for clinical usage
  • Medical Image Processing and Software Development
    • Use of 3D imagery to generate 3D patient models
    • Software development for mobile devices such as Apple iPad for use in our research projects
    • Use of machine learning for the analysis of EIT data, for the segmentation of CT data, and for the individualization of 3D thorax models.

Research fields

  • Medical image processing
  • Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT)
  • Quantitative Computer Tomography (qCT)
  • Mechanical Ventilation


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