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headline-marker Robotics theme and SDC presented at EAES Congress

This year’s 27th Congress of the European Association for Endoscopic Surgery (EAES) takes place in Sevilla (Spain). Johann Berger will present the results of the work on “Modelling a Collaborative Robot with the IEEE 11073 SDC Standard for Combined Focused Ultrasound and Radiation Therapy” at the Technology Symposium, on June 12. On June 14, Martin Kasparick and Prof. Thomas Neumuth from the OR.NET e.V. present the OR.NET-EAES declaration on medical device interoparability to surgeons.


headline-marker SONO-RAY-results presented at German Congress of Radiology

The “100. German Congress of Radiology” is the next specialist forum where the results of the SONO-RAY-group will be presented. Here, Dr. Lisa Landgraf is holding a lecture on the successful radiosensitization of tumor cells in vitro by Focused Ultrasound Hyperthermia (FUS-HT) on May 31.

Program excerpt


headline-marker Successful habilitation for Dr. Claire Chalopin

Dr. Claire Chalopin successfully completed her habiliation process. Congratulations!

Her postdoctoral thesis deals with the technical development of intraoperative 3D ultrasound with contrast medium and dynamic infrared thermography (DIRT) for neurosurgery. The imaging technique shows promising results for the visualization of structures and the assessment of tissue perfusion, but needs to be more optimally integrated into the surgical workflow. In addition, computer assistants will support the analysis of the imaging data.

headline-marker EMU-project novelty presented at GNPI Annual Conference

The Annual Conference of the “Society for Neonatology and Paediatric Intensive Care Medicine” (GNPI) takes place in Leipzig from May 23 to 25. There, the Fritz Stephan GmbH presents a new user interface, that has evolved in the EMU-project – Development of a novel multimodal ventilation system based on Electroimpedance Imaging (EIT) – in cooperation with the Life Support Systems-group (LSS). In addition to ventilation parameters, the user interface for the EIT- and respiratory device can also display distributions of ventilation- and blood circulation in the thorax. It gives the physician a faster and more comprehensive overview of the patient’s ventilatory situation.



headline-marker Presentation of SONO-RAY group at ESHO 2019

The SONO-RAY group will give a lecture at the 33rd Annual Conference of the “European Society for Hyperthemic Oncology” (ESHO) in Warsaw (Poland). Xinrui Zhang talks about cancer cell treatment with focused ultrasound (FUS) as a tool to generate precise and non-invasive hyperthermia and sensitize cancer cells for radiation therapy. In human prostate cancer cells a significant loss of the cell vitality after combination therapy could be proven.


headline-marker Max Rockstroh presents new SDC standard in Canada

Max Rockstroh presents the new IEEE standard “Service-oriented Device Connectivity (SDC)” at two major Canadian conferences. His lecture at the Canadian Medical and Biological Engineering Conference (CMBEC) in Ottawa is on: “SDC – A new Interoperability Standard for Electromedical Devices – IEEE 11073”. At the “International Conference on Robotics and Automation” (ICRA) in Montréal he will speak about “The IEEE11073 SDC – Standard Family: Networked Medical Devices in Operating Room and Clinic”.
The open interface is a joint project of the OR.Net e.V. research partners. It should pave the way for a manufacturer- and device-neutral networking of medical technology components.



headline-marker FMT-Abstractbook published

All scientific contributions of this year’s doctoral workshop “Future Med Technologies” (FMT) have now been published in an abstract book. The abstracts cover the topics: Model-assisted therapy and future operating room, Active Assisted Living (AAL), non-invasive imaging and image-assisted intervention.
The aim of the event organized by ICCAS in March was the exchange between doctoral candidates, particularly with regional companies, in order to jointly launch intelligent medical technology.

Abstract book


headline-marker Marianne Maktabi wins poster award at MGG/MDCV-Conference

Marianne Maktabi’s presentation of the research results on “Hyperspectral Imaging during esophagectomy for the measurement of ischemic conditioning effects of the gastric conduit”” won this year’s poster prize at the joint conference of the societys: “Mitteldeutsche Gesellschaft für Gastroenterologie” (MGG) and “Mitteldeutsche Chirurgenvereinigung” (MDCV). In this work, HSI images of esophageal resectates were classified in order to support the surgeon in localizing tumor borders during interventions.


headline-marker Prof. Andreas Melzer elected to “Academy of Medical Sciences”

Prof. Andreas Melzer was elected a fellow of the British “Academy of Medical Sciences”. The Academy is an independent institution in the United Kingdom representing the diversity of medical science. It has more than 1200 members and includes experts with outstanding contributions to advancing medical science, innovative research discoveries and translating developments into benefits for patients and society.


headline-marker Contributions to the Joint Conference of MGG and MDCV

ICCAS is represented with two contributions at the joint annual conference of the Mitteldeutsche Gesellschaft für Gastroenterologie (MGG) and the Mitteldeutsche Chirurgenvereinigung (MDCV) in Halle. Hannes Köhler holds a lecture on “Hyperspectral Imaging during esophagectomy for the measurement of ischemic conditioning effects of the gastric conduit”. Marianne Maktabi presents her research results on “Automatic tissue classification based on Hyperspectral Imaging” in the poster session.