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headline-markerHNO-Spezialist aus Bern ist Gastwissenschaftler am ICCAS


Dubach ICCAS 21-10-2013
Dr. Patrick Dubach is currently completing a one-year fellowship at the ICCAS and the ENT-Clinic an Polyclinic of the University Hospital Leipzig, which is funded by the Swiss government. The ENT specialist from the Inselspital Bern chose Leipzig for his research stay abroad as part of his habilitation application to take advantage of the excellent research conditions of the Center for Computer Assisted Surgery and to promote the long-standing cooperation between ENT experts of the University Hospitals Bern and Leipzig.

The Bern native has been senior physician since 2009 and was appointed medical director of the ENT clinic at the Inselspital in 2011. In his current research project Dr. Dubach deals with the planning and visualization of middle and inner ear implants, their applications are based on a Bone Thickness Map and should be increasingly automated by using endoscopes. Clinical studies with patients are ongoing at the University Hospitals Bern and Leipzig. Other projects include the final editing of the manual article “Image Guided Therapy” at Axel Springer Verlag and studies on “Computer navigated biopsies of skull base tumors.”

Dr. Dubach is giving an overview over his current research on 21 October 2013 at the ICCAS colloquium. The lecture on “Experiments with Image Guided ENT: from Applied Bone Thickness Map to CEUS Fistulography ” will demonstrate his research activities.

The ICCAS team wishes our Swiss colleague a successful and instructive time in Leipzig and is looking forward to a good cooperation.

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