ISO - Certivication

Research Area

Computer-assisted Image-guided Interventions

Prof. Dr. Andreas Melzer

Project Coordination

Johann Berger

headline-markerImaging Robotics

Image-guided medical interventions gain more and more clinical acceptance. The imaging via ultrasound, X-ray computed tomogra­phy or magnetic resonance tomography allows minimal- and non-invasive pro­cedures such as biopsies, thermal ablation, and emboli­zation. Image guidance leads to smaller incisions and thus re­duces inflammation and hospitalization.

ICCAS is investigating methods to utilize robots to assist the clinician during image-guided interventions. For a safe integration into the clinic, dynamic communication between the robots and other devices has to be modeled, implemented and tested with vendor-independent communication standards. The user acceptance of robotic systems is still low. One reason might be the lack of intuitiveness in interacting with complicated interfaces like command consoles. Therefore, we are developing novel interaction concepts utilizing the full potential of collaborative robotics.