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Prof. Dr. med. Gerhard Hindricks (left) and Prof. Michael A. Borger, MD PhD (right).

headline-markerChanges in the composition of ICCAS’ board


Prof. Gerhard Hindricks and Prof. Michael A. Borger will succeed Prof. Friedrich W. Mohr on the ICCAS Board of Directors. The ICCAS team welcomes the two clinical heart specialists from the Heart Centre Leipzig (HZL) and extends its gratitude to Prof. Mohr, who as a long-standing member of the Board, has been supporting ICCAS in an advisory capacity and has promoted the cooperation between the two centers. Prof. Hindricks is an expert on cardiac arrhythmias and manages one of the largest European centers for the treatment of arrhythmias at the HZL. Prof. Borger’s clinical focus lies in minimally invasive aortic and mitral valve operation and robot-assisted cardiac surgery at the HZL. Prof. Friedrich W. Mohr is the former medical director of the HZL. He retired in 2017.
With the accession of Prof. Hindricks and Prof. Borger, ICCAS’ long-standing, successful cooperation with the HZL will be continued. You can find an overview of their backgrounds on our personal pages:

Link to Prof. Hindricks’ CV
Link to Prof. Borger’s CV

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