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Leipzig Universities Prorector for Development and Transfer Prof. Thomas Lenk and project coordinator Moritz Waschbüsch in an interview with SONO-RAY-researcher Xinrui Zhang.Prorektor für Entwicklung und Transfer Prof. Thomas Lenk und Projektkoordinator Moritz Waschbüsch im Gespräch mit SONO-RAY-Wissenschaftlerin Xinrui Zhang.

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Dr. Peter Salz explaines the principle of the Electrical Impedance Tomography.Dr. Peter Salz erläutert das Prinzip der Elektrischen Impedanz-Tomografie.

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Dr. Stefan Franke demonstrates the intelligence of the unique Demo OR.Dr. Stefan Franke demonstriert die Intelligenz des einzigartigen Demo-OPs.

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Johann Berger showes an robtic application for biopsies.Johann Berger zeigt die Anwendung der Robotik für eine Biopsie.

headline-markerMany Visitors on the Open Day at ICCAS


Last Thursday, ICCAS’s Open Day attracted around 100 visitors. The scientists had invited to demonstrate medical technologies in a close and simply way. The variety of exhibits covered all research areas of ICCAS. The SONO-RAY group provided insight into cancer cell research with focused ultrasound. The Life Support Systems group demonstrated a mobile measuring belt which monitores the lung function of accident victims. Many exciting questions were asked especially in ICCAS’s intelligent operating room and about the digital patient model in a simulated tumor board. Furthermore, a robotic application for the precise removal of tissue samples and an automated and networked 3D ultrasound for brain tumor resections were showed. The event was attended by guests from science, politics and industry, but also by many private persons who find the topic exciting and important. We thank all for their interest and are already looking forward to the ICCAS Open Day 2019!

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