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Johann Berger with his TWIns colleagues in the networked operating theatre of the Japanese.Johann Berger mit den TWIns-Kollegen im vernetzten OP der Japaner.

headline-markerAnother Research Meeting Between ICCAS and TWIns in Japan


For the second time, ICCAS scientists visited the Joint Institution for Advanced Biomedical Sciences of Tokyo Women’s Medical University and Waseda University (TWIns) in Tokyo to discuss the topic “open networking of medical devices and IT systems in operating room and hospital”. Both institutes have been researching for years on a solution to this technological challenge, ICCAS in the OR.NET project until 2016 and today in cooperation with OR.Net e.V. and TWIns in the SCOT project. At the meeting, ideas for a technical integration of both approaches were gathered. Johann Berger worked with the Japanese colleagues on the implementation of a first software solution. During his four-week stay, he succeeded to establish a prototype connection between the two systems. This enables the communication of medical devices in Tokyo and Leipzig and serves at the basis for further research work of both teams. One highlight of the stay was the visit of the recently opened SCOT-OR at Shinshu University Hospital.

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