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EU Commissioner Christos Styliandes with Prof. Thomas Neumuth, Prof. Jürgen Meixensberger and Prof. Erich Schröger in ICCAS's Intelligent Operating Room. | Photo: Swen Reichhold

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Prof. Thomas Neumuth explains a robotics application from the surgical field to EU Commissioner Stylianides. | Photo: Swen Reichhold

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Harm-Bastian Harms (Johanniter), Gino Claes (Belgian Public Health Emergency), EU Commissioner Christos Stylianides, Dean of Studies of MedF Prof. Jürgen Meixensberger, Prof. Thomas Neumuth (ICCAS) and Prorector Prof. Erich Schröger discuss the operation mode of the modular field hospital on a model. (f.l.t.r.) | Photo: Swen Reichhold

headline-markerEU Commissioner visited ICCAS


On November 23, ICCAS welcomed Christos Stylianides, EU Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection. The Commissioner followed an invitation from the EUMFH project consortium around Prof. Thomas Neumuth, which presented the first results of the concept development of a European emergency hospital. At the same time, he visited the ICCAS’s Intelligent Operating Room and a surgical robotics application.
In a statement, Stylianides emphasized the high importance of science for this project and for further developments in disaster relief. ICCAS is the only partner of a European university. It participates with the electronic patient record and the networking of the information technology.

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