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headline-markerICCAS auf der 14. Jahrestagung der CURAC in Bremen


29 September 2015

The Annual Conference of the German Society for Computer and Robot-Assisted Surgery (CURAC) in Bremen is the central German-language forum in computer and robot-assisted surgery. It brings together basic research and practical applications. ICCAS also benefited from the intensive professional dialogue between clinicians, technicians, users and developers by contributing its own papers and an information booth.

Max Rockstroh’s presentation addressed the use of an open communication infrastructure of the type already being implemented at ICCAS to support the surgical process, which entails linking up operating technology, sensors and workflow management. As an invited speaker, Rockstroh also reported on the progress made by the flagship project OR.Net. He mainly spoke about the implementation of the developments in the five demonstrators. He emphasized the importance of being able to network different medical devices in the operating room and clinic in order to support operations by means of surgical process models. Meanwhile, Richard Bieck introduced a new concept for interaction between surgeons and assistance systems in computer-aided neurosurgery. Marianne Maktabi’s paper discussed various methods used to analyze surgical workflows. And at the poster session, Bernhard Glaser presented his new concept for sterile interaction in the digital operating room based on eye-tracking technology to enable lightweight, realistic solutions.

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