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headline-markerICCAS-Projekt mit Innovationspreis-IT „Best of 2014“ ausgezeichnet


Once a year, the Initiative Mittelstand honors outstanding IT solutions that have a high value of benefit for small and medium-sized enterprises. This year, the IT system oncoflow – developed at ICCAS – could convince the renowned jury of over 100 scientists, industry experts and specialized journalists and was awarded the Innovationspreis-IT “Best of 2014” in the category of Health IT.

oncoflow is a project of the research group Model-based Automation and Integration (MAI), which is practiced in close collaboration with ENT-physicians at the Leipzig University Hospital. The new information system has already been supporting the treatment of patients with tumors in the head and neck region for one year. Since, it has proved to be a great help for the administration, provision and utilization of patient and process data.

oncoflow creates important common interfaces between various clinical information sources. All relevant data of a patient are centrally stored and available in the form of newly structured electronic patient records. These are the basis for personalized treatments and the support of decision-making processes in the weekly tumor conferences. In addition, the integration of oncoflow into the whole clinical working process enables a further use of all present informations. This helps to facilitate the daily administrative tasks.

oncoflow means a milestone in regards to individualized diagnosis, therapy and more efficient workflows. Now it belongs to the outstanding IT products of this year in the German-speaking area.

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