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headline-markerICCAS-Workshop zum Teilprojekt 6 – Demonstratoren im OR.NET


09 August 2014

OR.NET is a collaborative project funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and stands for “Secure and dynamic networking in the operation room”. From the very start, the ICCAS has been partner in nearly all sub-projects of this lighthouse project. Since the beginning of this year, the ICCAS has been working on the coordination of the construction of all demonstrators and on the establishment of the integration demonstrator at the Leipzig location.

About 20 partners including representatives of renowned medical technology companies, manufacturers of clinical information technology, provider of integrated operating rooms as well as scientists from research institutes are involved in the sub-project 6. The synchronization of the partners takes regularly place in workshops. At the end of July, such a workshop was organized by the subproject leaders Max Rockstroh (ICCAS) and Markus Birkle (UKL Heidelberg) at the ICCAS. The workshop included in-house presentations on workflow management and guest lectures about the current work on the central components of the Open Surgical Communication Platform (OSCP). Furthermore, updated versions of the storyboards for the demonstrators were presented. The demonstrators will be used to apply the overall project concepts and systems in a realistic environment.
The workshop on sub-project 6 left enough room for proposed solutions. Besides, participants took the opportunity to inspect the current demonstrator–OR.


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