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At ICCAS's future OR. f.l.t.r.: Daniela Kulik (IHK Leipzig), Dr. Ronny Schulz (City of Leipzig), Prof. Thomas Lenk (Prorector for Science and Transfer), Prof. Andreas Melzer, Prof. Thomas Neumuth, Max Rockstroh.In ICCAS' OP der Zukunft (v.l.n.r.): Daniela Kulik (IHK Leipzig), Dr. Ronny Schulz (Stadt Leipzig), Prof. Thomas Lenk (Prorektor für Wissenschaft und Transfer), Prof. Andreas Melzer, Prof. Thomas Neumuth, Max Rockstroh.

headline-markerLeipzig University invited regional companies and municipalities to the FMT-TransferMeeting at ICCAS


In the afternoon of March 5, Prof. Dr. Thomas Lenk, Prorector for Development and Transfer at Leipzig University and the Leipzig Chamber of Commerce and Industry invited to the Future Med Technologies (FMT)-TransferMeeting at ICCAS. In front of representatives of regional companies, local municiplaities and science, he emphazised that the bridge between science and industry is already lived par excellence at ICCAS. The guests gathered to explore the ICCAS projects and common interests.

Current research projects were presented in live demos. They ranged from software solutions such as the digital patient and therapy decision model over transfer projects such as the joint project IMPACT for the development of a mobile system for lung function diagnostics to comprehensive digital assistants in the operating room of the future. Other exhibits included multimodal intraoperative imaging procedures, medical robotics and computer-assisted image-guided interventions. At the subsequent get-together a lively exchange took place and contacts were made.


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